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Tax Deductible Plans

...Non-Reportable Tax Free Income

The Hawaii Financial Store is part of a National Business Marketing Group that offers 3 tax deductible plans for the business owner, can be for the owner/employee only. We have had over 100 positive meetings with CPA's and their clients this past year with many having an interest in one or all 3 of these programs. Interest in these programs has increased as the business owner's realize how much more in taxes they are going to be paying this year and with the government still running deficits, the concern about increasing income taxes is real. Also, the income generated from this is non-reportable tax free income as compared to fully taxable income from your pension plans. Let us show you how easy it is to use one or more of these programs in your business, It only takes us about 30 minutes to explain how these work. Of course, there is no obligation to meet. 

Please contact us either thru this site, email or a phone call to arrange that brief 30 minute meeting, we think you will be glad you did!