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Asset-Backed Insurance Lending, a Superior Strategy for 2017 and Beyond!

Innovative Approach to Bettering Your Business!

  • Executive Benefit Plans to provide Tax Free retirement income.
  • Buy Sell/Key Person programs where funds are available without someone having to die.
  • Tax Free Post-retirement benefits to help offset long term care expenses or supplemental retirement income can be funded in part or full with leveraged money.

As a result, private businesses can put more of their revenue or budget allocations towards improving the business, while still taking care of their benefit concerns.

With the lowest interest rates in history, utilizing bank money to fund these needs makes perfect sense! By using the cash value of the policies combined with other assets (if necessary), businesses can collateralize a loan in order to fund the premiums instead of paying out-of-pocket. Interest is rolled up into the loan and an insurance product is used that has the opportunity to grow cash values that outperform the loan. When the cash value is sufficient, the loan is paid off and the companies life insurance policies are fully funded, but the excess cash values can be used for additional benefit offerings such as buyouts or port-retirement benefits.

Contact us to schedule a brief meeting to discuss whether this option works for your business.